Manual QA Engineer


We are looking for a Manual QA Engineer to join our team in Vinnytsia.
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* At least 6 months of QA experience
* Understanding of software development methodologies;
* Knowledge of ​​black box testing
* Knowledge of writing clear test documentation (test cases, test plans)
* Knowledge of working with defect tracking systems
* Knowledge of what the life cycle of a defect is
* SQL at the level of reading data from a table with filters, join two tables by key fields
* General understanding of web technologies, understanding what for and where it is used: xml, css, html, http, dns
* Experience with Windows or Linux OS at the level of "install any, even very complex software."
* Knowlenge of the following test design techniques and ability to apply in practice:
- partition into equivalence classes;
- analysis of boundary values;
-table of possible solutions.

Would be a plus:

* Postman

Advantages for a candidate:

* Stable and competitive salary;
* Work in a cool team + the presence of an experienced mentor, support and task setting;
* Flexible working schedule;
* Interesting projects and tasks;
* Convenient office in Vinnytsia;
* Monthly team activities;
* Up to 35 Days Off per year;
* Review of working conditions every 6 months in case of improving skills and gaining new skills;
* Excellent opportunities and prospects for professional growth in a company with a 5-year history.


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