Senior Software Engineer (SDK)

Vinnytsia, Remote

Winstars Technology R&D is a community of engineers, developers, and dreamers, for whom what we do is not just a job, but a part of life. By implementing state-of-the-art technology we help the world become better, more efficient, and secure.

Thus, our patner is a breakthrough encryption technology company, backed by one of the leading global
cyber security funds, their Encryption-as-a-Service solution enables businesses of all sizes to
process fully end-to-end encrypted data. Easy to use and integrate, the product deliver peak
performance without compromising security, neutralising the weak spots of traditional

Currently, we are looking for a Senior SDK Engineer, so maybe you are the perfect match to our team!

Who are we looking for?

A kick-ass senior rust engineer (m/f/x) for our SDK team who is ready to create new
technologies from scratch. You will take part in exciting projects across the entire stack,
solving challenges that impact both front- and back-end architecture to provide the safest and
user-friendliest data security solutions on the market. We are looking for someone who thinks
outside the box, challenges the norm and brings creativity, innovation and imagination to the

You will:

• Innovate and develop top-notch security products with reliability, security,
availability and efficiency goals in mind
• Design, develop, implement, test, optimise and maintain the features in the form
of software development kits as well as web applications
• Design and build front- and back-end architecture
• Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software across multiple levels of the stack
• Work at the edge of, develop and improve technological standards, tooling, and
processes across the company
• Work together with a multidisciplinary team of front-end, back-end and QA

You're perfect for this role if you possess:

• Deep knowledge of multiple dialects of SQL (ideally MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Oracle and MS SQL)
• Database, table and index creation and management across multiple SQL engines
• Current Java, Kotlin or C# / .NET (6.0+) experience
• Current Rust experience, or C++ and desire to learn Rust
• Knowledge of database access technologies and drivers including JDBC, ODBC,
ADO.NET, etc.
• GitHub, Docker, CI/CT build and test, modern test automation
• IDEs: IntelliJ and VS Code, or Visual Studio
• Cryptographic key management including Yubikey, HashiCorp Vault and ideally
• Modern desktop web UI: TypeScript, React, Tauri, NodeJS

Advantages for a candidate:

* Health insurance, profit sharing scheme, lunch allowance;
* Direct access to all team members, including co-founders, being the perfect
opportunity to learn everything about how the business is being run;
* International, multicultural team;
* Remote first, async work model (flexible working hours with co-working possibility);
* 360° feedback and bi-weekly 1:1;
* Part of the week dedicated to learn and create (including courses and certifications);
* All the advantages of an early stage startup environment: Flexibility, agility,
versatility, indaependence, sense of ownership, a family environment, no dress code,
and lots of fun :)


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